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Get EPR Authorization for Radio sets

EPR Authorization for Radio sets

Radio sets

EPR authorization is mandatory for

Radio sets

Category : EPR Authorization

EEE Code : CEEW7

EPR Authorization for Radio sets. It is the responsibility of Manufacturer / Importer to ensure environmentally sound management of E-waste generated by electrical / electronic products at the end of its life. E-waste contains a variety of hazardous substances that can have negative impacts on human health and the environment if not managed properly. In order to ensure that e-waste is disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner, the government has put in place a number of EPR authorizations. EPR authorization for television sets requires manufacturers and importers to take back their products at the end of their life and recycle them in an environmentally sound manner. This ensures that valuable resources are recovered and that harmful substances are not released into the environment. EPR authorization for television sets is an important step in protecting our environment and our health.

Brand Liaison helps in documentation and procedures for obtaining an EPRA Certificate.

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