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ISI / BIS Certification

For various product categories

Factory Audit for BIS

Following shall be taken into consideration and verified by the BIS team during the factory visit -

  • Details of Quality Control Personnel
  • Calibration Certificates of Testing Equipment
  • Copies of Test Certificates of Raw Material, as applicable, for verification of conformity of the raw material(s) to the relevant requirement(s) of product standard
  • Drawing of sample(s) of the Product and / or Components, as applicable
  • General condition of Hygiene
  • Plant layout indicating the location of manufacturing area, storage area for raw material and finished product, testing laboratory etc
  • Location Plan of the factory
  • For the tests which are permitted to be subcontracted and not available with the manufacturer, copy of the agreement or consent letter from the outside laboratory for which arrangement for sub-contracting is made
  • Inspection and Test Plan proposed to be followed
  • Subjective requirements like – workmanship, visual characteristics, surface defects, description, taste, flavor etc. shall be checked in the factory
  • In case of bulkier products, the dimensional measurements and other tests, for which complete product cannot be drawn and sent for third party testing (i.e. steel plates, sheets, steel pipes etc.) shall be carried out during factory testing
  • If, during the factory testing, any non-conformity is observed, no sample shall be drawn for testing in Third Party Laboratory. The applicant may be advised to carry out improvement, which will be verified through another inspection and factory testing


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ISI / BIS Certification
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